Pulsor Pro

Whether in the studio, at home or at your favourite place, with just a few minutes of training per day, you can achieve your desired goal with the pulsating Pulsor Pro. Thanks to its adjustable number of pulses, you can also target deeper parts of the body in your whole-body workout.

Now at the special price of 249.-Euro.                       

Recommended for the following applications.

Now available with practical bag for accessories and valuables. 

Stow everything within easy reach in the practical pocket on the Pulsor Pro.

Conveniently stow

  • the power supply unit including the control unit
  • the power bank for offline operation
  • or your MP3 player with your playlist
  • or your cell phone or valuables

If you do not need the bag, simply take it off and continue training without it.

Pulsor Power Wheel

Small and compact with the power of a large Pulsor Pro, it is suitable for all situations. No workout should be without a Pulsor Power Wheel, whether at home in the office, in the studio or in the garden. Due to its adjustable number of pulses, even deeper lying muscle groups can be relaxed or trained.

Now at the low price of 99.-Euro.             

Recommended for the following applications.

The right surface for every application

  • smooth surfaces for pleasant massages
  • nubbed surface for more depth effect
  • acupressure surface for local applications


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