Soft vibration balls from 

Increase your well-being.

Just a few minutes of training 2-3 times a week, increases your well-being. Workout , massage or acupressure, whenever and wherever you want. Try it out!


Power-Puls™ is the innovative brand in the field of fitness and health from Austria

Gym balls and similar inflatable products are used by millions of people around the world every day in a wide variety of areas such as sports, medicine and rehabilitation. Whether in professional sports, in the practice or at home, the popular fitness equipment finds its place everywhere.

Unique technology worldwide

The patented technology of the Pulsor series of the Power-Puls brand combines the advantages of classic inflatable fitness equipment with the benefits of vibration equipment and thus increases its effectiveness and functionality. The vibration effect provides a particularly pleasant massage of the muscles and fasciae.


What is so special about the Pulsor series from Power-Puls?

The Pulsor is set into vibration via the integrated adjustable vibration module inside the Pulsor. The special thing about this is that the vibrations are not transmitted mechanically, as is the case with vibration plates, but gently and gently to your body via the air filling and the elastic, supple surface.

You can adjust the effect of the Pulsor on your body via the intensity of the oscillations.


The lower frequency area is primarily for mental and physical relaxation. For example, for meditation purposes or gentle massages.

The medium frequency range is mainly used for joint mobilisation, loosening up the muscles, improving coordination, stretching and muscle function

The upper frequency range supports muscle and bone development, promotes muscle strength and endurance.

For whom are our products suitable

Fitness Enthusiast

Increase the training effect of your workout without much effort. 

Let yourself be inspired by the unique technology of the Pulsor series.


Mum, dad and kids! Everyone is equally enthusiastic. 

Train and promote the muscle coordination of your child in a playful way.


No matter what age group you belong to or how fit you are at the moment. 

It's never too late to do something good for yourself and your loved ones.


What our products achieve

Back problems

Under gentle vibration, stretch and stretch the spine in a targeted manner, reducing pressure on the intervertebral discs and loosening tense muscles.

Playful training of the back and abdominal muscles.


Mobility and muscle development

Stay mobile and flexible. 

By exercising regularly with a Pulsor, you increase your mobility and train damaging joints, ligaments and muscles.

Relaxation and well-being


Increase your well-being.

Use the Pulsor for relexed and relaxed moments.


Muscle building and fat burning

You don't need miracle pills or magic potions to feel good in your body. With just a few minutes of training a day, the Pulsor will help you achieve your dream figure.

Connective tissue, abdomen legs & buttocks

Train your problem areas for just a few minutes a day and do something good for your body.


Promotion of blood circulation and the lymphatic system

Say goodbye to your tingly, tired and heavy legs.

Put your legs up and let the polsor pamper you. Feel life returning to you.


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